We collect personal information. Here's why:

To ensure that we provide the best services and timely communication with our customers, we need to know personal information such as your name, current address, phone number, vehicle registration, email and even social media IDs. Having this personal information helps us to coordinate with you whenever you might need help so that you are always satisfied with our service.

To ensure our website is user-friendly and maintained to the best of its ability, we collect other information such as IP addresses and cookies. Beyond improving the function of our site, this information also helps us to with any technical support that you may need, keeping your browsing experience hassle free.

We promise to keep it safe.

Keeping your information safe is absolutely a priority to Sell Car For Cash Charlotte. Your information is stored on a secure server, which is only accessible by authorized employees.

Unless you give us permission, we don’t share your information. When we do have your permission, we don’t share it with any old third party, only with the associated companies that you accept. This is to enable you to get news about our services or third party services.

You can always say no.

Anytime you are prompted to give your information you have the choice not to share. If you initially decide to share your information but later decide otherwise, you can always opt out from us or third parties.

We don't control the sites we link to.

Our site has links to third party websites, which are most often our associates, but we are only responsible for what is on our website. We cannot control the information that they collect, or more importantly how they keep your information secure. Before you submit information to any site, read the privacy policy.

This policy will probably be updated.

It is necessary that from time to time we update our Privacy Policy. We reserve the right to make those updates without notifying you directly, but the information may be posted on our home page. Check the policy regularly for any new updates.