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Selling your car or truck (junk or running) should mean more and it does with our staff at Sell Car for Cash Charlotte. We want to share with you the many benefits especially the immediate financial rewards of selling your car for cash.

Why does Sell Car for Cash Charlotte pay more money for junk cars and running cars?

At Sell Car for Cash Charlotte, you receive direct assistance from our outstanding team. We can pay you the most for your junk car, crashed car or running car because we specialize in each of these areas. Check out our great services as a local junk car buyer and used car buyer. We pay cash!

Because of our unique business and hardworking team, you only need to provide the basic car information for us to offer a sales price. Receive your car cash quote above or if you would rather speak direct with a human (we understand) call us at 704-233-3053 today!

We understand the full potential of a cars worth and we pay based on all the parts and pieces that make your vehicle valuable.

Unlike selling to a person or dealership, Sell Car For Cash Charlotte offers free and instant online quotes to help you sell your car for the most money today.

How much money we can offer depends on just the general details about the car.

You should know the year, the car's make and if the car is running. Based on that information and other details you can provide us with, we can quote you a price regardless of the complicated mechanical problems your car may suffer.

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