Sell Your Car For Cash In Charlotte, NC

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Our team is driven to quality care in buying all cars in any condition. This is great news if you are in the Charlotte, NC area and you need to sell a junk car, running car or you can even sell us a wrecked car.

You already know the stresses of trying to sell your car in this economy. Now I can promise you two things: cash and a painless process. It’s why our team works around the clock for fast, easy and dare we admit fun junk car, old car and used car buying.

We even provide excellent junk car recycling and we would be glad to help you in turning your vehicle into a charitable donation. Here are the nuts and bolts of how we work at Sell Car For Cash Charlotte:

  1. You tell us what you can about your car. 
  2.  You agree on the car sale price. 
  3.  You get the free junk car removal service. 
  4.  You pick the time to tow the car away. 
  5.  You receive cash immediately.

Most importantly...You get the most cash for your car, truck or SUV regardless of the condition!

sell car for cash Charlotte, NC
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cash for junk cars and used cars in Charlotte

You can sell your used car, junk car, crashed car, trash car, clunker or dead car no matter the condition.

We are a Charlotte, North Carolina car buyer offering cash for any car that you need to sell. We work hard around the clock to ensure a thriving automobile business throughout the city and even the states (we also service neighboring South Carolina locations).

When we buy your car or truck we offer more than top cash, convenient pickup times, excellent customer service and auto parts recycling, we offer a new opportunity for you and for your vehicle.

Discover for yourself why we are the #1 choice to get rid of junk cars and sell used cars in Charlotte!

Can you sell your car online?

The way you pay bills, view finances, share news, connect with friends, see the world, stand behind the causes you are passionate about, shop, learn and work have benefited because of the Internet. So shouldn't the way you sell a car be the same?

Car buyers and individuals looking to purchase a vehicle have specified car features that must be met before making a final decision on the car sale and completing the process of getting cash in your pocket. The simplified process for selling a car person to person (considering everything happens smoothly) looks like this:

  1. Pay someone to post your car for sale 
  2.  Meet with several strangers until you find a good fit for your car 
  3. Negotiate a price and make sure this potential car buyer actually has the money 
  4. Wait for your car to pass all the tests and hope this doesn't expose a new issue
  5. Wait again for all of the paperwork to process
  6. Wait some more for your check in the mail

Most people lose weeks if not months attempting to sell their car by traveling down this route. They also lose a lot of money this way. Compare it to writing a message and mailing it across the US instead of sending a text on your phone.

Selling your car online is a new concept and there's never been a better time. It is reliable, simple, a tremendous time saver and with our team it will reward you with more money.

"Quick response, and a great price. Highly recommend!"

"They offered a better price than any other company. The process was easy and stress-free. Matt was great to work with and kept in touch the whole process!"

"I was completely satisfied with the offer and the customer service; the process is simple and convenient."